Saturday, March 26, 2011


Dear Sprout,

This week you're about the size of a prune. I'm not entirely impressed by that fact. I think they could have found something else to compare you to than a shriveled fruit that makes people poop. Though, considering the symptoms lately, it's actually a pretty good reminder.

This week has been pretty great outside of the normal symptoms that make me feel bad... if you don't count my incredible hormonal rage. Your poor, poor father really has taken the brunt of my anger and while some of it has been (seemingly) justifiable at times, the passionate frenzy that I work myself into really isn't. Hopefully, he'll read this and accept our apology. I'd try to vocalize my honest regret but I'm afraid I'd just growl.

We had another ultrasound this week and what do you know? You're still totally there and getting bigger! You look vaguely like a baby with a head and a body and stuff. You were about 1.3 inches on the screen so we are right on track for 10 weeks. Your heart rate was a nice 169 bpm which has caused the theories to fly. There is now an assumption based on old wives' tales that you are a girl and I may regret saying this later, but it's my secret hope that you are. Dresses and pigtails notwithstanding, our dude has referred to you as his daughter which makes my heart all explode-y. His secret wish is to have his daughter end up on a Magic pro tour. One thing is certain, baby, you're going to be a nerd.

I'm working on a playlist of songs to start playing for you soon. I know they say you start hearing at about 25 weeks, but I have such varied tastes I figure I should start now. All the books and internets say I should play you classical music and I will, but you also need some Jenny Lewis and Beatles and Heartless Bastards and Lady Gaga. Well-rounded, I say. We're not snooty folks. Sorry to all the perfect Mozart moms, but our kid will rock to some Who if he or she feels like it.

We've started to discuss your life and future in less abstract terms. Things we know: we want you to be well-rounded in all aspects of your life. We want you to play sports if you want to (not soccer particularly, but we aren't pushing any agenda), but we want to instill a love of music and art, as well. We want you to take an interest in the world and everything it has to offer. Your father is interested in introducing you to all the religions of the world. I want to help you explore your creativity.

Of course, we haven't made a decision about diapering. We are clearly more long-term thinkers. We'll probably regret that when you're peeing all over the couch and floor because we never did decide on cloth or disposable.

We're feeling really good, you and me. I think we're going to make it through this.

Much love and nausea,
Your mama

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