Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 4

Dear Sprout,

So I'm a little late with the post today. As the recent commercial says... "Having a baby changes everything." Including what you thought was your ability to manage your time. And your sleep habits. And your tolerance for smelly gas.

How can I deny this face?

You are getting so incredibly big! Not quite one month old and you've put on nearly two pounds. The nurse today said you are averaging an ounce a day and that you're growing at a perfect rate. We're still working on nursing, but I have to say... the bottle is treating you well and that's all I care about. You are growing and being so amazing, I would stay attached to this pump day and night forever, if it gives you this ability to be so. damned. perfect.

Rolls in all the right places
We have been doing that thing that people frown on so much. That THING that people will tell you will cause all kinds of bad habits and you will never outgrow it and HOW CAN WE DO THAT THING WE ARE SHOOTING OURSELVES IN THE FOOT HERE. You will become an addict and we will regret it later! But that thing? That thing makes me so happy and it makes you sleep for multiple hours and it feels right. 

We are co-sleeping.


You are sleeping in our bed. At 4 weeks old. You sleep right in between us, nestled in the crook of my arm. You have these light baby snores that lull me to sleep and sometimes make your daddy and I giggle like little kids. When you have a slight fuss, I can be right there to pat your butt or rock you a bit rather than having to get up and go to your room, which only works you up more when you have to wait. We wake up only once per night, twice sometimes if it's a "sleep in" sort of day. We can feed you, I can pump and then we are all right back in bed and sleeping soundly.

I swore I would never do it, but you know what else having a baby changes? Your steely resolve.

The best thing to wake up to. Ever.
We have other options and you will sleep in your crib, but it's a much shorter amount of time and trust me when I say, you are happier when mommy is happier and mommy is happy being able to sleep three to four hours at a time.

We have had your great aunts and your great grandma from my side in town this week. There really is no shortage of arms to hold you and you are in heaven. You are winning hearts and amazing people with the things you can already do. 

Your Granny really is great!

I am glad they get the chance to see you now. I imagine by the time we head back to the Midwest for the holidays, you'll be almost completely different. Maybe driving. I don't know. You are pretty advanced. 

You are already reaching for things and holding your head up. You are smiling and laughing. You tend to sleep most of the time like a regular newborn, but when you are awake, you are so alert and interactive. You constantly amaze me with how fast you are progressing.

I am going to cut this pretty short this week. It's almost 8:30PM and I have laundry to finish, a pumping to do and three awesome guys to cuddle up with. 

Priorities have shifted. I couldn't be happier being a mother. Your mother.

All of my love,
Your mama

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