Saturday, June 18, 2011

Apparently, I Am REALLY Ticklish on the Inside

Dear Sprout,

Welcome to week 23! You're bigger, I can definitely tell. My belly is, too, that's for sure. I've become a little less able to sit up in the bed in the mornings without some maneuvering. Maybe a little more waddle-y. It's slightly disconcerting.

It's okay, though, because my new favorite thing in the world is happening a lot lately.

You are doing somersaults in my tummy.

It's still a fairly light feeling, but it's definitely not gas. Your biggest movements often coincide with my finishing a meal, like you're already a food critic. So far, we know you really get moving after Thai and you give me major heartburn after Italian.

You like to stay still all day when I'm doing something and then as soon as a lay down, you like to start moving and kicking. This seems pretty appropriate and I've started to lay on my back (either your most or least favorite position of mine - who can tell with all that kicking?) just to get you to move around.

Your father finds this all amusing because I can just be sitting on the couch with him, playing games or watching TV and out of nowhere I'll start laughing. I am not a person who's ticklish - not really at all - but there is something about your twists and turn that tickle the inside of my belly so much I can't help but laugh. So all night long I'm giggling or going "Ooooh!" in shock.

Thank you! We're having a lot of fun!

Like I said, the movements are light and not yet able to be felt from the outside. Except once. It was like you knew he was waiting for you. Like you knew he'd been trying to feel you for awhile with no luck.

We were laying in bed and your daddy had his hands on my belly. He was talking to you and telling you he loved you. Without any hesitation, you gave my tummy a huge WHOMP and at the same time, both your father and I said, "There he is!"

I've had a lot of favorite moments during this pregnancy. I have to say that one? That one tops them all.

The two of you are going to make such a wonderful pair, it brings me to tears just thinking about how amazing our lives are going to be with you in it. We are getting so excited about having you on the outside. Your dad can't wait to tickle your tummy.

All of my love,
Your mama

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