Saturday, August 6, 2011

What Happens in Vegas...

Sprout, Sprout, Sprout,

What a long, beautiful week it's been. Today, we are 30 weeks. You have been growing like a champ in my tummy for 210 days. You have 70 days left until your eviction papers are filed. The internet says you are approximately three pounds and nearly 16 inches long. We know you've already passed the three pounder mark from our last medical ultrasound at 28 weeks. Our big, growing boy!

Last weekend, your father and I got married. I still giggle when I call him my husband, but honestly? I couldn't be happier. He's the most amazing man I have ever known, perfect even with all of his imperfections. Joining together as a family in front of all of our wonderful friends and family was the most beautiful experience of my life. I imagine it can only be compared with finally getting to meet you for the first time.

While in Las Vegas, we also bit the bullet and did a 3D ultrasound and kid? You are something else, already. The first 3D image was you yawning and we were both overwhelmed. That was all the sweet you were going to give us. The rest of the time we spent trying to get you to stop kicking yourself in the face or folding yourself in half and crossing your legs in front of your face. Basically, you did everything you could to make sure we couldn't see that face we are so longing see in person.

We did get to confirm that you are, in fact, a boy. You didn't make that particularly easy, either, considering when we went for that shot, you had a foot right on your scrotum. I love you, but I think we're going to have some challenges with you and those feet.

What we did see and what I am so very excited about is that you most definitely take after your father. You may have my round head, but your face is so very much like those Schuster men and I couldn't be more thrilled. Those men are quite handsome and you are going to get a large dose of their genetic code.

You are SO your daddy!
You've been a lot of fun lately. We get to feel you so often and now we can watch you move around in my tummy. I shouldn't say anything lest you get any ideas, but you've been so nice about not kicking me in my lungs. You stay down really low and don't get all stretchy like I hear babies can get. Of course, we do have teen weeks left so I suppose I shouldn't get too comfortable just yet.

My sweet, sweet boy, we have gotten almost everything ready for your arrival. Except the organizing part. We have the equipment, just not the space for it. This is my next big step now that we are home and not traveling until after you're born. It's time to get down to the business of nesting and having this place ready for you.

This journey has been incredible and you are the culmination of all of our love. And you are so loved.
Your mama

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