Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why is My Tummy Lopsided?

Dear Sprout,

This week we are 33 weeks and I have just been watching my tummy bounce with your hiccups for the past 10 minutes. There is also a very odd, baby-shaped lump on the left side and I have to say... that's just weird. I feel like my belly is twice the size it was last week, though I'm sure that can't possibly be true. Though, according to the internet you should be about 17 inches this week and topping about five pounds. So, who knows? Maybe my tummy has doubled in size.

We have another ultrasound the day after tomorrow and it will probably be our last. We're going to check on you one more time and try to get an idea of how big you are. The same day, I get to be strapped to some monitors so we can check your activity and heart rate. The monitoring has started happening twice a week from here on out.

You have not been cooperative.

Not. Shocking.

The first time we did the monitoring, your daddy was there and he was talking to you and you couldn't stop moving. You were exactly how you should be and everyone was satisfied that all was going well.

The second monitor was just me in the room with the nurse. The nurse who was trying everything to get you to move. Shaking my tummy, zapping me with some weird contraption, cold water, you name it.

You wouldn't give her the satisfaction of doing what she wanted. It wasn't until she left the room and I begged you, pleaded with you, bargained with you to just please MOVE so we wouldn't get stuck strapped to more machines in the hospital.

You started then and kept going, so long as I complimented you and told you I loved you. We narrowly escaped the hospital. Can we please not have a repeat of that? I'd really like to keep you inside a bit longer and I have no doubts they will try to take you from my womb if you keep this up.

We have scheduled an induction for October 9th. While I really wanted everything to happen naturally, I'm worried about you. I'm worried about our blood sugar issues and I want more than anything for you to be healthy. We will be 39 weeks and 2 days and I am confident we will make it through everything just fine. My doctor is (THANKFULLY) on board with avoiding a C-section at all costs, so the induction is our first step in making that happen.  This is why we are going to try to keep a good eye on your size and movements.

No medical emergencies, if you please.

It doesn't hurt that having a day that we're going to get your entrance started really makes it easier for family to plan to be here to meet you.

I worry and worry. I want so much to meet you, Sprout. I have this incredible feeling that you are going to be someone who will always give us a run for our money and will never think twice about being just exactly who you are.

I couldn't ask for anything more.

All of my love,
Your mama

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